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Tellas was born in Cagliari, Sardinia, in 1985 and doe his studies in Bologna, at the Academy of fine Arts.Grown up in Sardinian’s harsh lands, Tellas’ research is based on a non-urban aesthetics, his works are a personal and intimate vision of the elements of natural landscapes. A meditative process that combines space and shapecharacterise his work.All his works can be seen as studies performed on a wide array of “supports”, from a big wall, a piece of paper or a canvas to an installation like the one created for the project “Spettro”.Listed as one of the 25 most interesting street artists worldwide by the Huffington Post US in 2014, Tellas develops his art in various fields: drawing, painting, installations, printing techniques, audio-video productions.Recently he realised a 260 meters long wallpainting for the port of Pesaro (Italy) and another commission in Queensland (Australia) called “The Barrier”, for the city of Townsville.Last October 2016 he presented a new body of works for the solo exhibition “Clima Estremo” at Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome.Before he took part at the “Public” festival in Perth, Australia, “Upea16” in Finland and a collective show at Magma Danysz gallery in Paris.In May 2015 he opened his first solo show in the Netherlands, “This quiet, harsh land”, at the Mini GalerieAmsterdam.France is again home of another of his works in 2014 in Besançon for the “Bien Urbain” festival. In 2012 he isinvited at “Le 4 mur Festival” in Niort, France, where he also has the chance to showcase his personal exhibition called “Parasitism”.Moreover, Tellas was featured in The Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2015 edit by Graffiti Art Magazine together with a selection of the 100 artists who hit the year 2015 worldwide.In 2014, Tellas’ exhibitions take place at the Mini Galerie with “Apertura”, followed by his participation to“Artmosphere”, the first Street Art Biennale in Moscow, along with more than 70 artists from all over the world.Tellas’s art has been shown in several projects and exhibitions both on national and international ground. Among these, “La Tour Paris 13 Project” considered as one of the most innovative contemporary art projects.In November 2015 he continued his collaboration with the fashion label MARNI for “Becoming MARNI” a projectpresented for the 56th Venice Biennale. After one month art residency in Brasil togheter with Roberto Ciredz, Tellas developed public murals and installations which were recorded into the documentary “ A grande terra do Sertão”.In 2010, he joins forces with the illustrator Martina Merlini and creates “Asylum”, a work in progress that explores the birds microcosm through different exhibitions.His participation to international festivals and collaborations with European and international contemporary artists are countless.Among these, in 2011 Tellas collaborates with the fashion label MARNI which leads to the production of “on Marni”, an animated video, followed by the exhibition “Welcomes you to the world of Tellas” in occasion of Art Basel in Miami, Florida.Later on that year, he holds the workshop “The Shape and the Space” at the K.I.R. in Stavanger, Norway during NUART festival.Tellas works and lives in Rome.TELLAS



1.Cóme definiresti il tuo lavoro?

Divido il mio lavoro tra arte nello spazio pubblico e lavoro in studio.Muralismo, installazioni, tele e lavori su carta.

2. Da chi e da cosa cosa ti fai ispirare?

Il mio lavoro è una continua ricerca e osservazione degli elementinaturali. E la loro interazione con il mondo artificiale, creatodall’uomo.

3. Che materiali utilizzi di solito per i tuoi lavori?

In studio uso china, acrilici ,spray e oilbars.Quando dipingo i muri uso rulli, pennelli e pittura da esterno.

4. Quali sono le tue esigenze in termini di prodotto?

Quello Che ricerco spesso è l’opacità dei colori, le tonalità piùnaturali possibili , e con una buona copertura.

5. Quali sono i colori piú importanti per te?

Coi colori cerco sempre di partire dai primari per poi trovare deicolori miei.Parto quasi sempre dal grigio per cercare quelle tonalità più naturalie meno faticose per l’ occhio di chi guarda.

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